What’s The Best Thing To Clean A Mattress With?

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We all are well adapted to the concept of regular Mattress Steam Cleaning, well; some situation arises in between and forcibly pushes you to deal with the mattress immediately. For example when something spills and turns into stains on the mattress.  There are different types of stains and each of the stains requires its own type of treatment to remove them.

When something spills on your mattress you must deal with the spill immediately otherwise it will turn into stubborn stains. When stains become stubborn you must go for a deep cleaning. How to deep clean a mattress is another question that arises when you decide to take a move. If you have proper machinery, tools, and cleaners it is very easy to deep clean your mattress on your own. If not, you must fix an appointment with the mattress cleaners and handle the job to them.

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What Are The Products Used To Deal With Different Types Of Stains

Blood Stains– when blood stains happen on your mattress you must deal with the stains immediately. Because it is very difficult to remove the stains once it becomes dry. Mix a part of baking soda with a cup of water and spray on the stains. if necessary add detergent liquid to the mixture for better results.While you are on the mission of blood stain removal from mattress do not rub the stain just dab the stain with a clean and dry towel and allow your mattress to dry completely under good ventilation.

Urine Stains– urine stains on the mattress is a wired thing to deal with. Urine stains happen when you have kids or pets in your home. Mix the detergent liquid with water and dab the stains using clean and dry cloth. You can even use the upholstery cleaner to remove the urine stains from the mattress. But before using dilute the liquid well and spray on the mattress.

Bodily Fluids- use diluted washing liquid to remove the bodily fluid stains

Food and drinks– mix one part of baking soda with one cup of water and apply on the stains.

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Whenever you use cleaners on the mattress don’t over wet the mattress. Before you take any action read the manufacturers instruction carefully and then proceeds with the job. Keep in mind your mattress is not waterproof.

Use good mattress topper to protect your mattress from the spills and stains. When you clean your mattress on a regular basis, you will have a great chance to protect yourself from the dust, dirt, and allergens which are responsible for severe health issues.

Use baking soda to remove odor from the mattress. Use steam cleaners, antibacterial spray or vodka to sanitize and disinfect the mattress. All these this will effectively kill the germs and offer you a clean and hygienic mattress

Give Good Protection to The Mattress?

Use a mattress protector to protect your mattress. This will prevent spills stains, dead skin cells, dirt, and dust from reaching your mattress.

A healthy mattress leads to deep and fulfilled sleep. Good sleep results in better physical and mental health. Therefore it is very important to take care of your mattress in a proper way.

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How Do I Get Rid of the Musty Smell in a Crib Mattress?

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You might find it difficult to clean a crib mattress and get rid of its musty smell.

As long as it is in the mint condition and if there are no bumps and sags, you can easily use the crib mattress for sure. Clearly, check the mattress for damages which are irreparable, your baby need to have comfort sleep on the mattress, so it should be as comfortable as possible.

Make sure the mattress is well cleaned after taking it from the attic, check well and do as much as possible research online about cleaning the old mattress. Use the proper solution to clean your mattress. Or, if you have the user manual of your old mattress it is awesome as you can easily follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to clean the crib mattress. Here are the cleaning steps to follow:

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  • Step 1

Keep the mattress on a clean surface, make sure that the place is clean. It is good to place in front of your garage so if you make a mess over there it will not be a big problem. Vacuum the bed to get rid of dust mites, debris and other visible dirt particles on the mattress. Use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate almost maximum dirt particles from the mattress.

  • Step 2

Now the second step is the clean the mattress, disinfect and remove the smell. To remove the smell, spray citrus solution on the mattress. To prepare the citrus solution, get a lemon extract of one cup and mix it with a cup of water and spray it on the mattress to eliminate the awful smell.     

  • Step 3

If you have the spray bottle, just spray the solution all the sides of the mattress don’t leave any single side and make sure all the areas are sprayed well. If you use the basin, take a clean towel and dip it in the solution and wring the excess mattress and gently press the towel on the surface of the mattress and make sure all the surface are covered well. Spread well so that all the solution is penetrated well in the Mattress Cleaning.

  • Step 4

Let the solution for 30 minutes or one hour, then refill the bottle with clean water and spray the clean water on the mattress and pat the surface of the mattress with a dampened towel. This is done to remove the citrus smell from the Mattress Steam Cleaning Melbourne.

  • Step 5

Once you are done with all the above 4 steps, dry the mattress in a well-ventilated room or dry it under sunlight. This will remove the lingering musty crib smell. If it is dry, completely vacuum once again for perfect clean.

  • Step 6

Now place the crib mattress back to crib and put a pillow over it.

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How To Clean Foam Mattress?

Professional Mattress Steam/Dry Cleaners

It is not possible to fit the foam mattress in the washing machine, and don’t think of trying it. There are easy ways to clean the foam mattress, you can do spot cleaning for the accidental spills and stains. Here are tips to clean the foam mattress.

Vacuuming the foam mattress

The foam mattress is very less prone to the allergens, dirt and dust mites. Occasional vacuuming with upholstery attachment brush is more than enough to keep the dust and dirt particles away from the mattress.

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How often can you vacuum the mattress?

It is best to vacuum the mattress once in three months to keep your mattress away from dust, mites, dirt, bugs and other harmful pathogens. Vacuum your mattress with a HEPA-rated vacuum cleaner and use the upholstery attachment for best results.

Removing the stains and spills from the mattress

Normally, covering the mattress is best to keep them away from the stains and spills. The polyester or lycra fabric acts as a barrier in between the foam layers of the mattress and liquid spills. However, unfortunately, if spills or stains happen on the mattress! Don’t be panic. It is not very difficult to handle just by following simple tips you can easily remove the stain from the mattress. Take a clean dry towel to soak the stain and dab the stains do not rub the stains as it will spread deeper into the mattress. Still, if you notice the stains there are plenty of amazing ways to spot clean the stains. There are numerous tips available online, follow the tips that are prescribed for the foam mattress to eliminate the stains from the mattress. For instance, you can use detergent liquid and water to spot treat the stains.

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Removing the blood stains from the mattress

These types of stains can happen anytime, especially when you are in period times or if you injure your hand or feet etc. it is very important to take an immediate action when you see blood stains on the mattress. Do not use hot water to treat blood, vomit or other bodily stains because these are the protein stains and should be treated using the only solution that has protein. The solution contains protein will loosen the stains and makes it easier to remove. 

Before switching to the stain removals try baking soda paste that you can easily prepare at home.

Steps to prepare the baking soda paste to remove the stains

  • Mix a tablespoon of baking with cool water to make a paste
  • Take a clean damp cloth and apply the paste on the stains and dad the cloth, let the paste get into the stains
  • Leave the paste for 25 to 30 minutes on the mattress
  • Repeat the same process again using cool wet cloth, do not use hot or warm water because the hot water will set the stains on the mattress and makes it very difficult to remove. Dab and press the cool cloth to remove as much as possible baking soda from the mattress.
  • Repeat the same process if required and dry the mattress completely for better results. If you still notice the baking soda marks on the mattress vacuum the mattress cover with the upholstery attachment vacuum cleaner.

If nothing seems to work out, it is highly recommended to hire a Professional Mattress Cleaning company today.

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How to Clean a Foam Mattress?

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Foam mattress cleaning process is a very easy and simple job to do, but you should not ignore doing it. Mattress Cleaning Melbourne the foam mattress is one of the essential things to do in everyone home. Make sure you use an only little amount of water to clean the foam mattress.

  1.    Firstly, you should remove all the pillow covers, blankets and other items on the mattress. It is advisable to clean the pillow covers and bedspreads at the same time when you clean the mattress. You can dry clean the bedspreads or can wash using the machine.
  2.    You should use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to clean the foam mattress. Make sure you remove all the dirt and dust particles present in the upholstery. Wash the upholstery attachment with a soap solution and let it dry for an about 24 hours. Then attach it with a vacuum cleaner and start cleaning the foam mattress.
  3.    Vacuuming the foam Mattress is the best possible way to remove all the dirt, dust particles, hairs and other minute materials that got into the foam mattress. Flip the mattress and clean. You should clean the mattress on both the sides.

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  1.    To get rid of the stains caused by food spills or pets on the mattress, you can better use a steam cleaning machine. Using water or liquid detergents to clean the foam mattress is not advisable. You should not expose the foam mattress to excessive water or you should not saturate the mattress with any of the liquid detergents.
  2.    You can also use vinegar and baking soda mixture to remove the stains. Do not over spray the solution on the mattress. Just dip a cloth in the baking soda and vinegar mixture and then tap it into the stained area later. You can also apply the baking soda powder directly on the foam mattress and start cleaning.
  3.    You should not rub the Professional Mattress Steam/Dry Cleaners agents on the mattress; you will have to just tap it slowly on the stained area. If you start rubbing the detergent on the stained area then there are chances of spreading the solution on the other portions of the mattress.
  4.    You can apply baking soda and allow it to dry overnight. Then you can clean it in a very gentle manner. You will have to dry the mattress properly after cleaning. If you did not dry the foam mattress properly then there are chances of getting an unpleasant odor from the foam mattress.
  5.    Try to clean the food spills and liquid spills as soon as possible. Cleaning the stains quickly helps you to get rid of stains easily. Let the mattress dry in sunlight for few hours. You can use deodorants on the foam mattress in case of any bad odor. Try to dry the mattress in fresh air may be in the terrace or in a clean backyard and so.

You can protect your foam mattress with the help of a mattress cover. Above all only regular cleaning will help you to maintain your foam mattress in a proper and clean way.

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Professional Mattress Steam/Dry Cleaners

Do not read this unless you sleep on a mattress. For years many pet owner and Mattress Cleaner attempted to remove this concern but with little or no success! It was frustrating and something required to be done, since the success rate was low most cleaners stayed away from offering this much required service. At that time the best that could be done was a topical treatment, but that only covered up and masked the concern for about 2 to 3 days.


Most people spend about 1/3 of their lives in this thing they call their bed. Being human, our dead skin cells carry on shedding from our bodies at a rate of about the size of a dollar bill per day. Over a short period of time, our beds become full of dead skin cells that become food for our little friends called dust mites. They say that the average bed contains about 2 million of these little guys. Can it be that your mattress needs cleaning?


If you do not believe me try this little test and locate out for your selves. Take your vacuum hose or a Shop-Vac and put a black piece of material over the end of your hosepipe and vacuum the top of your mattress for about 30 seconds. Do not feel bad on what you find because this is what is happening in all the areas where we use most of our lives.

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A little closer appear at our dead skin cells shows us what dust mites live on and our beds are the most excellent environments where dust mites can reproduce and thrive. Dust mites are harmless little creatures, but they are so messy. Many people say they are sensitive to to dust mites – but the fact is that they are allergic only to their fecal matter. Their waste causes an allergic response that can make life most unhappy.


Mattress Cleaning so what can we do about this dilemma? We glad you asked because this is where we step in. We have a procedure to not only take out the dust mites and their waste from your mattress and we have all-natural, safe product to stop them from returning. It works very well and at a price that is simple on the wallet. We will clean and treat both sides of your mattress and it will dry in about 1 hour. Call us at 1800 071 250 and we will give you an estimate over the phone.

Mattress Cleaning – How Important It Is?


Almost every home has mattresses. Everyone wants the most comfortable one as we all know how important they are for a good night’s sleep. But the thing we completely forget is how important it is to clean them. This is due to a general lack of awareness, guidance, and interest. They should be cleaned every six months for a healthy and safe environment. It is one of the most overlooked services which people ignore.


The mattress requires some Same Day professional mattress cleaning in Melbourne even if you have a mattress pad or covering on top. Dust mites, body sweat, and oils, dead skin, hair and residue from pets and/or children can penetrate to the mattress past the mattress pad. The fabric utilized on the mattress is not intended to be stain resistant. This is mostly because the mattresses are usually covered with a sheet or a pad, unlike rugs and carpets, or upholstery.

Medical Conditions Due To Unclean Mattresses

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When mattresses are not cleaned, it’s an invitation to several medical conditions like-

Perennial rhinitis- is an inflammatory condition of the nose characterized by nasal obstruction, sneezing, itching, or rhinorrhea, occurring for an hour or more.

Asthma– is a respiratory disease that affects your airways or tubes. There are tubes that help you to breathe air in and out of your lungs. If you have asthma, the inside walls of your airways become sore and swollen. It may lead to death as well, if left unchecked.

Bronchitis– is a chronic ailment which causes chest discomfort, mucus formation; it can be defined as a reoccurring cough that can last for three to four months.

Respiratory problems– Dirty mattresses can lead to many problems which are related to breathing apart from the common ones.

Skin problems– rashes, sores, etc. and various other conditions are as a result of the dust and bugs on the mattresses.

Sinusitis– is a respiratory disease which may cause ‘brain fog’.

Allergic reactions– may occur, like swelling, bloating, stomachache, itchiness, dryness etc. all due to unclean mattresses.

Bug bites– Insects such as bees, ants, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, and arachnids such as spiders may bite or sting which is very painful at the moment and lasts for some time. It can be majorly harmful.


Benefits of a Clean Mattress

As a lot of problems are associated with unclean mattresses; we should all be Professional Mattress Steam/Dry Cleaners it on a regular basis. Studies show that if mattresses are not clean, they become breeding grounds for bacteria, bugs and other harmful insects.

There are many benefits of keeping a clean mattress, like-

  • The air quality improves making it healthy and fresh.
  • Eliminate foul smells.
  • Prevent bugs and insects from creating allergic reactions.
  • Good bedroom hygiene.
  • Peace of mind while sleeping.
  • Dust free home.
  • No threat of respiratory diseases.
  • A safe and disease-free environment.
  • Make a room’s ambiance more pleasant.

Some people may consider mattress cleaning as a useless expense, but let’s not forget that if health is expensive try illness. Not spending money on the things which are keeping you healthy and fit will cost you future, including your life.

Best Proper Mattress Care Tips You Will Read This Year

Despite the fact that individuals utilize their sleeping pads for 33% of their life, the vast majority don’t consider the way that activities require upkeep. Burning through 6 to 8 hours for every night resting, sweating, and considering a sleeping pad, hurling and turning, and different exercises cause wear and tear on a bedding.

There are two kinds of upkeep that are required. The first is the pivot. With a specific end goal to keep a discard from being worn into the bedding, it is great practice to reorient the sleeping pad like clockwork.

The general proposal is that like clockwork you ought to turn the bedding from go to toe, keeping a similar join. At that point at regular intervals, notwithstanding pivoting from making a beeline for toe, flip the sleeping pad over Mattress Cleaning Melbourne.MattressCleaningMelbourneThis appropriates the wear and tear on both the texture itself and in addition the springs inside the sleeping cushion. An exemption to this run is cushion top sleeping pads or adaptable foam beddings which can at present be flipped from making a beeline for toe, however, ought not to be flipped over from front to back.

 The other imperative thing about sleeping cushions and bedding care is cleaning. Tidy parasites turn into a genuine issue in sleeping cushions that don’t utilize a bedding spread. Skin cells are shed from our skin work their way down into the bedding where tidy parasites feast upon it.

It’s appalling however it is an extremely basic issue. The most ideal approach to avoid clean vermin is the most ideal approach to counteract tidy parasites which, coincidentally, activating sensitivities, is to utilize a sleeping cushion cover.

 Notwithstanding recoup, now and again an infrequent cleaning is required for sleeping pads. For the most part, you can discover cleaning guidelines on the sleeping pad itself, on the tag, however in the event that you utilize warm sudsy water and tenderly scour the zone that should be cleaned, at that point you can plot the region dry and that generally gets the job done.

The special case to this is mishaps from creatures, for example, feline Karen on the bed. To guarantee that require something somewhat more overwhelming obligation in sudsy water.

 When all is said in done keeping your sleeping cushion perfect, giving a bedding spread on your bed, and turning the sleeping pad is a decent method to get more life out of this extremely costly household item on which we invest so much energy.

Don’t ignore the bed bugs in your mattress…. Now it’s time for mattress cleaning

You all know that if you proper cleaning of mattresses then your mattress don’t contain any allergens and dust mites because all the harmful dust mites are removed from cleaning. In your home there is trapping of dust mites and these dust mites are common in all household furniture and upholstery and on other hand when you have old mattress then it easily contains an superfluity of allergy causing dust, dander, and mites when compared to the average couch or sofa. But at professional steam mattress cleaning Deluxe Mattress Cleaning Melbourne helps to kill bed bugs, remove allergens and can give you fresh smelling mattress again to sleep on.

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Here we always use only non-toxic, green cleaning products to clean, sanitize and kill bed bugs that lives in your mattress. These Eco-friendly products use natural ingredients that eliminate problems without risking your health and they even protect the health of the environment, too. Our company did a great job in cleaning mattresses. After our expert service, all of those dirt, allergens and stains are sure to disappear, leaving your mattress as good as new. Because we know that nothing’s better than ending your tiring day in a fresh mattress free from dust and mites.

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Our company uses most advanced cleaning method of Mattress. We are able to get rid of even the deepest stains and neutralize any allergens that could be present in your mattress. With our proficient extraction equipment, we are in use of steam for the greatest possible effects in deep mattress cleaning. If you have a need for mattress cleaning in Melbourne and call at 1800 071 250. On the call, you’ll have all the time you need to describe your situation.


Is your mattress really impact on your Sleep? Go with Mattress Cleaning……

You all know that sleep is a significant component of a healthy lifestyle.  In order to facilitate the sleep environment, it is essential that the optimal conditions are maintained for a high quality rest. It helps to increase overall health, productivity and improve your mood. It pays off in the long run to select your mattress and bedding for the maximum amount of comfort. Your ability to improve your nightly sleep doesn’t stop when they deliver your mattress. Sleeping on a clean mattress is one of the best ways to insure to catch better sleep.


 If you provide regular mattress cleaning then it will reduces allergens, smell, dust, and odors that can interfere with a good night’s sleep. If you have comfortable and right size mattress is the key to a good night’s sleep. An old or a wrong mattress can cause back pain, crick on the neck and give you sleepless nights. So clean mattress is essential to relieving most of the common symptoms. If you are an allergy sufferer, a dirty mattress can make you may wake up sneezed, itchy or watery-eyed. Regular mattress cleaning reduces the buildup of allergens such as dust-mites, lint, pet hair and dander. Deluxe Mattress Cleaning Melbourne provides a complete range of mattress cleaning services to offer complete care to your precious mattresses.

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The importance of good quality mattress provides you comfortable mattress that supports you no matter what position you sleep in is even more important than the particular position you choose. Mattresses wear out after 10 years or less, and sleeping on a mattress that is sagging or is uncomfortable will affect your sleep quality much more than your position. If your mattress are cleaned properly then it increases more when you are able to have a good sleep away from home and when you come back, your sleep pattern again gets hampered. In addition, if you can see holes or spring peeping out from your mattress, do not delay and get a new one immediately.


Signs You Need to Clean Your Mattress:-

  • Every night you lose much water and this plenty goes directly into the mattress. This creates an ideal environment for dust mites, microscopic little critters that cause sniffles. A quality mattress protector can help keep your mattress clean, as can washing and changing sheets regularly but with continual use over time, your mattress is likely to pick up things you’d rather not sleep on.

  • Over time, most types of mattresses can accumulate allergens like mold, mildew, and dust mites. If you’re allergic to these irritants this means that your mattress will trigger an allergic reaction. So if you notice yourself sneezing when you get close to the bed or a stuffed up in the morning, it’s probably time to evaluate your mattress situation.

  • Bed bug infestations may not always be obvious, especially in the early stages. But you can look for signs, including seeing the bugs, noticing microscopic blood stains or insect waste spots, or unusual bites on your body.

  • If you wake up with aches and pains which disappear over the course of the day, it is probably time to change your bed.

What are Best Remedies to remove Stubborn Mattress?

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As you know that mattress are expensive and it is an important part in your house. So it is your responsibility that mattress regularly to prolong its useful life. This is not only means a more comfortable night’s sleep, but piece of mind knowing that you are getting the most out of your purchase. At that time good night’s sleep is important for your mental and physical health and clean mattress is key to ensuring good sleep and good health. Regular and deep sleep is essential to learning, memory, and overall health, while poor sleep can lead to a greater risk for chronic disease, as well as impaired judgment and reaction time.


It is essential that clean and comfortable mattresses for a good night sleep. While stains, odors, and dust mites are inevitable consequences of daily mattress use, regular cleaning can help to minimize these discomforts.

Best Remedies to remove Stubborn Mattress:-

  • The best method to remove the stubborn stains fromstarted your mattress is by using baking soda. It helps to absorb moisture from the body of bed bugs due to its drying properties. Spread some baking soda around the crevices and cracks or wherever you find bugs. Don’t forget to vacuum the soda after few days and re-apply it.
  • Soda water is also effective ingredient to clean your mattress. It helps to remove stain on fabric. Soda water can be a more effective choice compared to water when used for tackling stubborn stain like wine or blood. So, instead of using water to clean or rinse stains, pour a small amount of carbonated water onto the stain to blot.

  • Another method to remove the stains from mattress by combination of hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soa546093_pp, and baking soda. Mix them into a spray bottle and treat the stained area.

  • Vacuum cleaner is efficient equipment to clean your mattress and go over the mattress fabric really quickly. Assuming you are doing routine cleaning and not dealing with a pesky stain simply strip the bed and use the vacuum cleaner to get all loose materials off the mattress and out from under the bed.

Deluxe Mattress Cleaning Melbourne removes bacterial, stains, Dust Mite and we use range of bio-friendly, anti-hazard steam Mattress cleaning solutions. This week special on Mattress Cleaning Melbourne 10% off.